maandag 26 februari 2018

Inchie 06, 07, 08 en 09 - Turkey

Ik was wat achterop met posten, vandaar een paar tegelijk :-)

Inchie 06 - Zimbabwe

Inchie 07 - Romenia

Inchie 08 - Cuba

Inchie 09 - Turkey

6 opmerkingen:

WendyK zei

Well done catching up with your inchies, some great ideas. I didn't think of coffee, it would have been easier to draw than a wolf, which is what I drew.

Margriet zei

Geweldig!!! Ze zijn alle vier hartstikke leuk :-)

Jolande zei

Nou dat is een hartstikke mooie inhaalslag, alle vier erg leuk.

freebird7100 zei

Love all of the inchies. Glad you caught up, I am still a bit behind

inkyfingy zei

Great catch up Hanny...I have missed you in the posts. I really like your line drawings, and the fact that you have captured an identifiable "essence" of each country...very effective. Dx

sally zei

Oh my, what a delight! And the idea of coffee is's a favourite of mine & I never even thought about it!